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Playing Golf makes you more attractive to the opposite sex!

Saying that you are a golfer makes you appear more sexually attractive, according to new research of the dating app Tinder.

Men who mentioned golf in their profile secured almost double the amount of likes from women than if the same profile did not mention golf, while women saw more than 10 per cent more likes when they mentioned the sport compared to when they didn’t.

In the experiment conducted by, a female and male Tinder profile was created. Whilst the name, age and photos remained unchanged, the bio was changed several times to include different kinds of sports. The aim was to see if playing sport could increase your chances of a right swipe, and if so, which sport would make you the most attractive to the opposite sex.

The methodology involved swiping right for a total of 200 people for each profile type.

On average, the male profile that did not mention any sport in its bio received 57 matches over the course of two days but a male, sport-playing profile got 94.2 matches over the same period.

If it mentioned golf the number of likes increased significantly more – to 104 likes, an astonishing rise of more than 83 per cent. Of the 10 sports picked, golf was the third most successful, only behind rugby and weightlifting.

The figure when no sport was mentioned was 57 matches

Women’s success did not alter that much by mentioning a sport, but it did increase the number of matches. A non-sporty profile got 88 matches in two days, and a sporty profile averaged at 98.4 matches.

The figure when no sport was mentioned was 88 matches

Spokeswoman Abby Chinery said: “One study into why women might be attracted to sporty men has revealed that ‘women like athletes because women want to be involved with healthy men. Athletes also show motivation, strength, determination, and teamwork.’

“The fact that women like sporty men isn’t just the case on Tinder, but in real life too. The research also revealed that believing they were involved in sports meant women were more likely to associate positive traits with the males in the study, including being ‘more confident’, ‘healthier’, and with a better ‘emotion disposition’.”

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