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Course Investment


As you play the Course over the Autumn / Winter period you will see the additional investment in the Course being reflected in significant work being carried out on the Bunkers and elsewhere.

Many of the Bunkers are unattractive, badly designed, being in the wrong place / too large to maintain and with inadequate drainage.

The plan is therefore (in hole order rather than work order)

Hole 1 Reduce the size of the Fairway Bunker and improve drainage

Hole 2 Reshape the Greenside Bunker

Hole 3 Reduce the size of the Fairway Bunker

Hole 4 Fill in the existing Greenside Bunker and add a new Bunker to the left of the Green

Hole 5 Reshape and reduce the size of the Fairway Bunker (as seen above)

Hole 9 Reshape and reduce the size of the Greenside Bunker

Hole 12 Add drainage to both Fairway Bunkers

Hole 18 Reshape and reduce the size of the Greenside Bunker

The practicalities of the work are challenging due to the need to move heavy machinery and substantial amounts of material around the course, but we think it will be worthwhile, as the Bunkers will be better on the eye and easier to maintain. This will result in much improved playing conditions, if you have to play out of a Bunker.

Whilst the work is in progress and until the ground recovers, the affected areas will be deemed to be ‘Ground Under Repair’ in accordance with the Local Rules and relief must be taken as provided in Rule 25-1b (‘a free drop’).    

To compensate for the reduced size of some of the Bunkers, we will be experimenting with seeding some of the tops and backs of the Fairway Bunkers with a Fescue / Wild Flower mix. We hope this will present an attractive vista, but without creating dense rough resulting in lost balls!

Fairway slitting 

As if the Green keepers didn’t have enough to do, to maintain the quality of the playing surfaces, they are also slitting the Fairways. This results in better drainage, denser grass growth and a healthier surface.

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